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東京ゲイマッサージ たまーにゲイ向けのマッサージにいったりしたときの感想を書きます。ガチムチよりはスリ筋、おじさんとガッツリセックスよりは若者と軽く。About some impressions on gay-oriented (m4m) massage services (mostly Tokyo)

How to get a proper M4M massage in Tokyo (1)

I don't know how many foreigners who don't speak Japanese would want to get a gay or m4m massage here in Tokyo, or in Japan in general. (I use here the terms m4m and gay massage as synonyms). But seeing so many tourist these days on the streets, I am certain the potential demand is not small. In my opinion, all gay or bi-curious tourists who happen to love massage should experience Japanese gay massage, which is not what you think it is, especially if you are coming from Western countries. This and upcoming entries in English are an introduction to the wonderful world of Japanese gay massage for foreign people. (Tokyo gay massage guide)
I have never been to any m4m massage parlors in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Hongkong etc. I know they are way cheaper than Japanese counterparts and some offer extraordinary experience.
Still, I think Japanese gay massages have such a variety and quite a decent quality that it should be competing internationally. The problem is that the people working in the sector has just started to notice the potential market of foreign customers, besides they don't speak foreign languages in general and some, sadly, show an admittedly racist or xenophobic attitude. I would like to contribute  to improve this situation and want the foreign tourist to experience the best gay massage in Tokyo and the best masseurs in Tokyo have a boost in their business.
Upcoming entries are...
1. General characteristics of Japanese gay massage: service, price, how to...
2. Recommended masseurs
3. Need help? 
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Hi, I speak a little Japanese which is good enough to communicate with Japanese messeurs. Frankly speaking, most of the time I had a great time with every m2m messuer I met. And in a certain way I think sometimes have a massage in Japan is cheaper than what I have in Hong Kong because of the great cost-performance!

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  • Adrian #X/pSN3IU
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Re: Mr

Dear Adrian, thank you for your comment! I think Japan(Tokyo)'s gay massage industry has developed so much in the last 10 years (since I started to go to get massage). It's surprising to hear that the price can be cheaper here in Tokyo than in Hong Kong. Perhaps it's because Japanese economy isn't as strong as it was before?

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  • Vitamin Massage #-
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